Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I have been awake since 4:00 this morning(it's 6:30 as I write this). I cannot blame it on children, or husband or anything else except the pure and simple fact that I am a child at heart. I am so excited to do the eggs and baskets, cook the easter breakfast, dress in our "sunday best", go to church, and have brunch with friends! I just have a song in my heart.
I can't express in mere words the love that I have for Jesus. I revel in his sacrifice. And then the miracle of hope in his resurrection. Hope that this life is not all that we have. Hope that there is something bigger than ourselves. As I experience the sunrise, I imagine "that" morning through the eyes of Mary Magdalene.
Walking to visit the gravesite of your friend, reliving in your mind the tragedy of all that had happened. Not understanding "how could this have happened", "why did this have to happen". You arrive at the tomb in the quiet darkness of the morning and find an alarming sight. The place has been desecrated. Vandals have taken the body and you run to tell your friends what you found. When you all return, you find all the burial clothes neatly folded. Stunned everyone slowly filters back to their homes and you stay, weeping for such a loss. You look up at where your friend was laid to rest and witness a most amazing sight, two angels dressed in white are watching you, puzzled they ask "Woman, why are you crying?" Desperately you say "My best friend, my very being, was taken and I can't even imagine what they have done with him." At that moment, you turn around and there is your friend.

I really encourage you to read John 20 sometime today. It brings me to tears and my heart soars. I love Jesus. And what's most amazing is that He loves me. With every flaw, and disappointment and all of my secret thoughts and feelings, He sees it all and continues to love me. Amazing!

Well the sun is up and I get to throw on my sweatshirt and tiptoe through the frosty grass to hide little plastic eggs filled with candy! Have an amazing Easter day!!!

Here's a picture of the boys' baskets. I hate those pre-packaged baskets that are too expensive and filled with a few pieces of candy and cheaper-than-dollar-store toys.

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Jenn Dassatti said...

Looks like a bunch of fun. I use to love getting an easter basket every year. You can totally add me! It was good to see you even if it was only for a quick second! Your boys are so adorable.