Thursday, March 06, 2008


Hi, I am still here!!! And still in California. Jesse's dads' surgery wasn't as soon as we had hoped, so I was needed a little longer than anticipated. He had his surgery yesterday and is recovering well (continued prayers are needed). I have my plane tickets changed to the 14th so I will be coming home soon. We have been able to do a little touristy stuff since we have been here and here are some of the pictures.

So in an attempt to make this easier and faster for me (dialup connection), I am doing this in 2 posts. Hope you enjoy!

If you didn't know already Jesse was in an accident last Monday. He had a little scratch on his finger and his neck was a little sore. He was x-rayed and they said he looked great. He was at work the very next day. Looking at these pictures I praise God that he walked away unharmed! His door was so squashed that he had to crawl out the back passenger window (shown here).

He said that he remembers the ceiling touching his head... um, ya think!?!

Grandpa Jim showing Christopher the seagulls on the pier.Feeding the seagulls at the pierMama whale and baby


Dani said...

Ay, yi, yi, I know how Jesse feels. I'm glad to hear that he is okay and that God watched over one more of us who rolled. After seeing his car it makes me truly appreciate how well my car held up when I rolled it.

Susie said...

Oh my word. I'm so glad to hear Jesse is okay. Thank you, Jesus, for your hands and protection!!