Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ten for Tuesday

1. I am feeling like a hermit today. I think last week burned me out!

2. Plus the weather went from 70 degrees to 40 and snowing today. I have found that I am very effected by the weather.

3. I think my son is going to be a politician or something along those lines. He has to negotiate everything. RRRrrrrgggg. This drives me crazy.

4. I am ready for spring cleaning. I lack the motivation and energy. How much is MerryMaids?

5. Next weekend I have a baby shower and wedding on the same day.

6. If you have ever met my son, you will know that he has a strong resemblance to this cartoon character:

7. So this must be me:

8. As I write, Colton is setting a trap for his bear with Pistachio shells and little bells. And it took us almost an hour to do his homework. Homework that is designed to take 10 minutes. Not because of an inability to accomplish it, but from all of the time wasted on complaining, getting distracted and trying to figure out the laziest way of getting it done.
(He dissasembled his trap. He said "I wouldn't do that to my bestest bear.")
...I can't make this stuff up.

9. A week from today is Christopher's 1st birthday. How did that happen?

10. I am so ready for some nice spring weather.


Jackie said...

Your such a good mommy! I wish you were on your way here for women of faith! I MISS YOU!

Our Happenin's said...

LOL! I love the calvin and hobbes and mommy analogy! That's great! And to add on the bear trap- priceless:)