Saturday, May 03, 2008

Oh the randomness of it all

So if you've blogged for a while, you can relate to what I am about to say. You get an interesting idea, snap a couple of pictures, think of equally interesting and witty comments... but then forget, run out of time or just don't post those blogs. So now I am in a quandary. Do I post them one at a time and hope that I get to each one and give them each the interesting, witty post that they each deserve or do I just end up with one large post of random ramblings. I choose random...

1. My kicky summer do'
Apparently this is the week to get your haircut. Check out Rachel and Ann's new looks!

Before After

2. Jesse's best man and his two oldest boys (from near Seattle) had a thing to do in Butte this week, so they traveled all the way up here to visit us. We had to check out the Lewis & Clark Center.

3. How do you get hot chocolate stains out of a little white hat? "Dye" the hat in hot chocolate mix. Whatever works, right?! It actually turned out a cool beige-y, tan.

4. Christopher likes to snort his boogers. Apparently I also did this (as a baby) and was lovingly nicknamed, Snortney Cortney.
5. Last but not least. We bought a tent yesterday in hopes that this summer we will break free from the remodeling that consumed our every weekend and that we will actually enjoy the beautiful scenery of Montana. Here is our test run. To include a little marshmallow roast later that evening.


Ann said... the hair! And so much fun with the tent! We also cannot wait to try out our tent. I wanna know where you got your cool background.

Cortney said...

I stole it from someone else's blog as I was browsing through other peoples' blog lists.

Susie said...

Hello sassy do- love this look on you, Cortney!

Our Happenin's said...

How fun! The hair, the tent, the roasting marshmallows, the Snortney Cortney, and 2 years! Congrats to it all:)