Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Ode to my dear hubby

So I realize that most of my blogs are devoted to the comical daily life of my family, yet one member usually gets neglected. (Probably by his preference!) My sweetie, my love, my best friend. Well on your 35th birthday(two days late), I honor you!

Ran to the store quickly and Colton picked up the camera. Here is the result:

And since there are entirely too few pics of Jesse on my blog, I will attempt to make up for it here:

Can you pick out which child takes after which parent?

Great Dad
Great Step-dad


Rachel Melone said...

Happy Birthday Jesse! Hopefully you didn't do anything too wild and crazy for your Bday! You are such a great wife Cortney! Seriously, you two are my mom and dad 20 years ago. Love ya!

Katie Glathar said...

Happy Birthday Jesse! You make such a great couple. Be blessed!