Wednesday, June 25, 2008

3000 miles

So I'm not quite sure exactly how many miles we actually drove, but I know that I got an oil change two weeks ago and my car is telling me that it is due again. My mom and stepdad got here on the 11th and since then we've been to Yellowstone, Glacier, got turned around at the border of Canada (due to insufficient documentation of myself and children), Jesse went to Tampa and then Christopher, Colton and I drove to Salt Lake, picked up Jesse and met up with Colton's dad for his summer visit. Did ya get all of that? Because my head is spinning!

Luckily we took pictures, so I can remember all the places we went!

Colton hiding food for the grizzlies at the Discovery Center
Yup, I do the old-fashioned pictures! Aren't they so cute, though!!!

Christopher waiting patiently for Old Faithful (in a hat Grandma got to keep his ears warm!)
The whole group at Gates of the Mountains
Colton at the Salt Lake City ZooColton, Me and Christopher on the Merry-go-round in the zoo. (Salt Lake)


Our Happenin's said...

Wow! That sounds absolutely insane!...but a great way to start the summer:)

Rachel Melone said...

Love all the pics~ You guys really do live a full life!

Jackie said...

Hey Sportney! i miss you! Love the pictures! When are you traveling to Idaho? you know anybody who lives there? Just kidding! I JUST MISS YOU! J