Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back from Iowa- Tadpole Hunting

My camera started acting goofy, so I don't have any pictures of: Easter, the boys' birthday party, plane rides, Iowa City, hanging out, etc. The only photographic proof that I have is from the afternoon after we took family portraits, we went tadpole hunting in the pond in my sister's front yard. My sister has land that is every little boys (or girls) dream- big pond stocked with frogs, fish and tadpoles, mounds of dirt, tractors, sticks, mud, atvs, deer, campfire, everything a growing kid needs.

Excited about the tadpoles!
Aunt Connie helping with the catching
Found a snail shell

Funny story: Evan (3, in red) claimed this frog as his friend and the next morning (Easter), he excitedly ran out to check his frog, droopily came inside and said
"The easter bunny let my frog go." (a little easter candy made everything better!)
John helping Connie dig out frog carcasses. A late, deep freeze killed a bunch of the frogs, so Connie (always curious to look at scientific/gross things) couldn't help herself.

Connie showing Colton the dead frog!

Christopher squeezing... er, catching a tadpole.

Kacie and the tadpoles

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