Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pray for my Mom and Stepdad

Most recent family picture taken over Easter vacation.
(front l-r): Colton, Grandma Pat, Julie, Bob, Kacie
(back):Christopher, Jesse, Cortney, Brent with Evan, Connie with Blake, Carrie, GT, Ashlee, John, Christi with Isaac

Here's an email from my sister explaining everything:

Just wanted to thank all of you for your continued thoughts and prayers on our family as my mom endures the "fight for her life". We've had a lot of trying moments recently (loss of Bob's dad, loss of GT's grandma, etc), although we've also gotten to share a lot of special moments with so many friends and family, so we have much to be thankful for.

Just a quick update, but last Friday my mom's dr's told us that the Temodar they were treating her with isn't working and the Melanoma cancer has now spread to her bones, her spine and what were small tumors just a few weeks ago have become masses and continues to spread throughout her body. They're nervous about the cancer breaking her bones or getting into her spinal cord which will cause immediate paralysis. In short, there is nothing more they can offer her other than a very toxic chemo that we understand doesn't help Melanoma patients and she most likely wouldn't make it out alive. The dr's are all shocked she still isn't in a lot of pain and can still walk, so we're all very thankful for that.

With very little time left on our hands and no other options in the US, we're turning to alternative medicine. They can't administer natural healing methods in the US because it can't be patented nor considered a drug but we were able to get her approved into the Gerson Institute/Baja Nutri Care Center in Tijuana Mexico where for the next 2 weeks she will undergo a complete body detox with a very specific organic, vegan diet that will build up her immune system to cause the cancer cells to naturally die off. There is a lot of cancer to "flush" through her system, so she'll endure a lot of ups and downs, but she's very strong willed so we're hopeful she can make it through.

With all the research we've done and all the success stories, the Gerson Therapy has the best results for Melanoma patients in particular so we're hopeful we still have enough time for her body to begin healing itself.

During my mom's "retreat" we may hear very little as far as updates, but we'll post anything we feel appropriate onto my sister Cortney's blog at:

Love, Carrie

My sister also didn't mention that they don't allow smoking, so she will be going "cold turkey" after smoking for over 30 years. Just this alone is going to be a challenge, so if all of your prayers could be directed toward her, my stepdad Bob (who will be with her and going through the diet also), her speedy healing and God's hand working in all of this!
On behalf of my family, we thank you!


Katie Glathar said...

I just want you to know that I will be praying for you. We serve a powerful God!

Love you,

Dani said...

You once said,"Thankfully God is bigger then Dodge Rams." You are so right and He will work through your mom to touch people's lives. I know she touched mine just in the little bit of time I spent with you in Iowa. Your family is in my prayers!

Susie said...

Keeping your mom in prayer over here, too, Cortney. I wish I could just reach out and give you a big 'ol hug. Keep looking Up.

amber said...

Dear God, I ask you for your peace and strength in every member of this family. That your divine peace will fill them even the little ones. We pray for complete healing of Cortney's mom. You came to heal us because you loved us not because of anything that we did. We are asking you to touch her right now. Bless Cortney and Jesse as they go through this, that they would be a strength and encouragement to each other. Thank for your blessings, and for your love for every part of our lives. Amen

hh and company said...

Hey, girl! I can't imagine how you feel, I would be in pieces. God is so good, that is one thing I know & I know you do too. I will be praying like crazy for you, your mom & family! Hang in there, let me know if I can do anything!!!!! Love you tons...try to take it easy, let God have your stress....keep your baby safe! Love you, sweetie! Heather H.

Christel louise said...

You are awesome Cortney. Love you and we will be praying.
Thank you for the updates. Hope to see you soon.