Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall our way!

So, I don't think that we will get any fun fall colors this year due to the early cold snap. Seems like the leaves went right from green to dead and falling off of the trees. Sad because my two trees in the front are made to turn a beautiful deep red... not this year. So I took one of my old preschool crafts and expanded on it. We made our own fall leaves using coffee filters and watercolor paint. Christopher totally got into this project, every step of the way! I think I have my little crafty buddy (at least for now!)

Step 1. Paint the coffee filters. You really can't go wrong with this step. I only gave him red and yellow to work with (because I still wanted it to look "fall"ish)

Christopher really got into it!

Colton really got into his moon shoes and jumped around us!

Here's the dried coffee filters- ready to be cut into leaves.

Step 2. Cut into random sized "leaves"
Christopher figuring out how to use the scissors. He did pretty well for a first timer. Esp when the safety scissors can barely cut warm butter! It became more of a snip/rip maneuver!

Step 3. I took the "leaves" and just randomly folded, taped, etc... across a piece of string til it was full. They looked really cool with the light shining behind them! Next week I think we'll do some pumpkins for the corners.

Christopher was very proud of himself!

While waiting for the filters to dry, Christopher snagged my camera and took some pictures of me holding Carson.

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Rachel Melone said...

You are such a great mom! You look wonderful for having a 4 month old!!!!