Thursday, October 08, 2009

In love

I am so completely in love with my boys. Lately I have been *less than patient* with them and dare I say-a little growlie! (You can't believe what the children say!) So tonight I just had a moment to reflect and count my blessings. I have been reading the book Praising boys well (For parents and teachers by Brewer) and just felt that I needed to share how much I love these kids!

Colton is endlessly funny and so deeply loving that I forget how fragile his feelings can be. Forgive me for being impatient with you and remember that you live on your own time, in a special place that has to conform to this "world". God has such amazing plans for you. I can't wait to see how your tenderness and crazy personality is going to change the world!

Here we are goofy around! I had to find one to show off his two tooth gap!
I'm secretly sad that his cute little toddler grin is gone.

Oh, Christopher and those mischievous eyes! Colton caught this picture and when reviewing the random, mostly-fuzzy pictures of Christopher and Carson playing in the tub, I found this gem! He is my laid-back, want-to-do-everything-Colton-is-doing, slip quietly away to do what I'm not supposed to, little boy! He is patient and loving and says to Carson "Oh, cute" as he pats his baby brother's head! What a joy it has been being your mom!
And, Carson, my little "pork chop". I am so in love with your little fat rolls, the way that you light up with joy when you see me, pressing my cheek up to your warm little cheek right after you have waken up from a nap. Only time will reveal how God has created unique little you.

As I was trying to tear Colton out of bed, we walked up to the kitchen and found that Christopher had taken it upon himself to get his own breakfast.
Thankfully it wasn't too much of a mess!
Yup, I love these kids!

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Kendi said...

You are such a great mom! I will pray for patience, as we all could use more! Please let us know if you need anything ever; Jesse home or away!