Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So good to be back!

Oh how I have missed you! Like a little vacation from home and the first nights sleep in your own bed. *sigh* feels so nice!

Well, (as I settle in) where shall I begin?
Our crazy summer of visiting the midwest (& Sugarland!), Glacier and the in-laws and searing marshmallow pokers in eyes (thank you again Lord for your protection!), the fair, "D" girls visiting for two weeks, Downpour Festival (where it really did pour on us!), now today is the first day of school and we still have my hilarious nephews visiting in a couple days!

Hmm, maybe I'll start with our prayers being answered by our news of moving to Washington, DC!!! We are SO excited! Can I get another !!! :)
So the move, and all it entails research-wise, has finally made it a necessity to have a reliable *ahem* and working laptop! And my husband prefers to have a wife that is not informationally challenged. Either way... Here I am! Back! Blogging! *another sigh* :)

So we are hoping that we will hear soon Jesse's official report date because we pretty are at a standstill until we get that. Once we have it, many things can happen-
-we can put our house on the market
-we can go on a 10 day, house hunting trip (sans two oldest children), with all expenses paid by uncle Sam!
-we can make official plans for holidays, packing (weather-wise), donating, planning, lists (oh how I love lists), donating more...
Do you feel my excited energy? It's coming through.

Any way, just wanted to share our happy news and let you know I'M BAAA-AAACK! :O


Carrie said...

Happy to read your updates again!!! :) So excited for your new adventures and what's in store for you! Very exciting!

Susie said...

That is super exciting news! How long will you all be in DC?

Mandi! said...

OMG! You're back but you're moving??!! Craziness! Love the East coast... lucky! =]