Wednesday, September 08, 2010

All work and no play

I should be in bed right now. Since Friday I have been working like a crazy person to get this house ready to sell. I really am enjoying the staging part, but, UG, is it a lot of work!

I am excited to show you before and after pictures, though!

I have a new addiction. It is going online and browsing through the many, many houses in DC area. I had to actually stop saving houses on one site and start a new one that were homes that I would actually live in, and of course, cross reference it with the distance to the Metro and I only have 18 saved in this one, so hopefully when the time actually comes we know a little bit about the area and what to expect in our price range.

Any way I am so exhausted, going to bed! Just thought I would post real quick incase anyone is still reading this-- leave me a hello comment so I know that I am not just talking to air!
Later :)


Rachel Melone said...

I'm reading and living vicariously through you!!! Keep it us sista! If you need help with anything give me a holla (I'm a gangsta now if you couldn't tell...)

Cristen said...

I am reading and while I am excited for you all I am a bit sad as well...

Katie Glathar said...

DC! What I guess I am out of the loop. God Bless you!