Monday, December 11, 2006

Just another Manic Monday...oh we oh!

OK so it's really not that manic, but any excuse to hum fun 80s tunes...well
This week will include:

1. Have Jesse pick up Christmas pics/cards today so they get sent out this week!
2. Print off address labels for said cards.
3. Laundry, laundry and, yes, more laundry.
4. December Bunco at the Dea's tomorrow night and make a Spinach-Artichoke dip! (Bunco always makes me miss Jackie!)
5. Pack and re-pack as condensed as we can! Since we will be returning with Colton and the entourage that comes with it!
6. Pick up some ingredients for the kids to make Snowman Soup!
7. Thursday morning we have our 20 week appointment! (Which means we get to find out if the baby is a boy or girl!!!)
8. Talk to my sisters about a hundred more times before Friday because we're excited to see eachother!
9. Pray for good weather and safe travels! I hear an arctic wind is coming our way!
10. Try and contain my excitement about getting Colton and spending Christmas with my family!


Susie said...

I *heart* the Bangles. Any good excuse to sing that song is justified :)

amber joy said...

have fun sweetie.