Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sassy Shoe Thursday- Winter in Montana edition

Price: $1.50 Thrift store (sanitized and deodorized)
Comfort: 7 (scale of 1-10)
Style: 4 (c'mon it does have the fuzzy top)
Warmth: 10!
Not freezing my toes off when shoveling or sledding: Priceless (ah, you know I had to say it!)

So between growing up with a hunting-obsessed father and a year and a half in survival school in Washington, I learned that Sorel brand boots are your foots' best friends! (sorry, not sure if that is proper english-too many weird plurals) I saw these at a thrift store and with the prospect of at least a few more Montana witners, I figured eventually they would be handy! Imagine me with my dork glasses and these goofy boots- Susie, Angela, Amber, Rachel, me please before I end up as one of those examples in the magazines that are on the "Don't ever do"!!! Hee Hee! Really I would not wear these in public!


The Melones said...

I'm going to submit you to "what not to wear"!! haha. Like I should be talking. Plus, you are seriously such a cute, classic dresser! I have a pair of Sorel's as well. What can I say, my father taught me at an early age that Sorel's were the key to warm feet.

Susie said...

Maybe I'll post my cute pink flip flops that I've been sportin' this week (I'm so mean, huh?!)... I never got a pair of sassy snow boots... Maybe the next time we live somewhere frigidly cold!

amber joy said...

yeah, if it's below zero, and you have 20 extra pounds from a growing thing in your tummy, what not to wear begins to not factor in! Hence the grey fleece that gets worn everywhere now, even with an evening gown, since it is the only thing that covers the tum!