Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Halloween

Can you guess who's is who's?
Hope everyone had a safe and happy halloween! Here are our pumpkins we carved the day before. Except that the day even before that, we woke up to 8* temperatures and snow on the ground. No biggie, I love snow. Well the pumpkins were frozen solid, so I brought them in to thaw them, but they did not return to their plump, firm selves. They were sweating and half mushy/half frozen. Colton didn't care, after I nearly got frost bite cleaning out the guts, he went to town on mutilating the outside with the scraper tool (the only one I felt comfortable letting him use!)

Halloween night we went met with the Melones/Mclean's, had some pizza and ventured out a few blocks. Since they were heading to Georgia for a wedding the next day, they called it a night and we stopped by the GFCC Fall Festival. It was a lot of fun if you were able to go and Colton even won one of the door prizes, a family fun movie night! Sorry no pics from the party, it was too dark with my camera. Here's a few of the pumpkin carving and Colton's costume. He was the Thing from Fantastic Four, but he's never seen him before...adveritsing works on a 4 year old!

PS. Pumpkin order: Baby's, Colton's, Mine, Jesse's

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Susie said...

Those are some pretty impressive pumpkins ;)