Thursday, November 02, 2006

First baby pics!

So here is our first glimpse of the little one that will be joining us! The official due date (drumroll, please) May 3, 2007. Been feeling better which is a testament to the fact that I am 3 weeks farther along than we were thinking (14 weeks today) and totally out of the first trimester! The heart beat was 167, which convinces my sister that it will be a girl, along with the increased nausea and sleepyness that wasn't as bad with Colton. Jesse was getting his heart rate up to 164+ at the gym (fun?! I guess! hee hee) and was laughing at himself through a red face as I shook my head. Poor kid, doesn't know what it's getting itself into. Anyway our next appointment will be December 1st and puts us at 19 weeks! We're hoping she'll order another ultrasound for us to find out the sex! This one seems to be flying by!!!! We'll keep you posted when we find out more! Next weekend we are taking Colton to Salt Lake to spend Thanksgiving with his dad and we plan to suck as much of the "big city" as we can in two days. Plans: leave Friday morn, Disney on Ice friday night, meet his dad for "the handoff" at The Mayan (think disneyland TikiRoom with cliff diving and enchiladas) for lunch, and then back to Great Falls that evening! Busy but it will be fun!

Here's one more picture because I just love having pics of my kiddos!


Dani said...

I was supposed to be a boy because of my heart beat...well you know how that turned out, just a tom boy :) Thank God I was a girl otherwise my name would be Walter Lyle...ugh!

Susie said...

Yea for u/s photos :) Makes things a bit more realistic, dontcha think? GLad you're feeling better!

Jackie said...


I see on the bottom picture the baby has a big brain already. She must be related to her aunt Jackie!!! LOve ya! THanks for the phone call the other day. It helped!!!

The Melones said...

how fun! Can't wait to meet him/her!!! It will be here before you know it-I'm so excited for you guys!!!!

amber joy said...

hooray, hooray, hooray!