Monday, July 21, 2008

Camping with the Rhodes

We had a great time this weekend camping and hiking to Crow Creek Falls. Laura Beth was an amazing hiker almost 8 months pregnant (and actually kicked mine and Jesse's hineys on the hike)! We had an awesome camping spot right by a bridge and stream. (LB has all of the pics from the camping side of things)
Here are the pics from the hike:
The entire group at the trailhead.
Christopher really wanting to play in the ice cold waterJeremy taking a dip in the ice cold water!Brrrrr!Hannah is a superstar!like mother, like daughter!Benjamin sneaking a drink from Jesse's camelbak
A fun time was had by all!


Amy Rhodes said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog. Christopher is sooo cute. He looks like a happy child, too. Glad the camping trip was a success. Of course, I particularly enjoyed those photos of the Rhodeses. :o)

Jackie said... looks like you guys had a great time. I wish I could have gotten to see you this summer. BOO HOO. Love you. J

Macks and Knickknacks said...

That looks like a blast! I'm so glad that you guys took all the kids with you. What a great experience for them!