Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Quick update

So I have been crazy busy with Vacation Bible School. If you have ever been involved with anything at GFCC you will know that they don't do anything halfway. So as a girl that also doesn't do anything halfway... you can see where I am going with this. Plus the two lovely ladies that I am working with in my room are 15 (Marissa) and 13 (Alicya), so I think I can keep up!

We have two more days of VBS and on Friday afternoon we are going to get Colton from Salt Lake!!! I think VBS has been a great distraction from having my usual I-really-miss-my-little-boy mental breakdown!

In other news Christopher has really taken off this week with walking, but once he is down, opts for the reliable crawling. I also tried "helping" his teeth pop through (read: torture, with baby Orajel and a semi-frozen spoon). I am really praying that they appear before August 20th, so I won't have to take him to the dentist (not a pediatric dentist, which I would have to drive to Helena for) for X-rays on his teeth... er, gums. Somehow I don't know how they are going to accomplish that. All I can picture is both of us covered in lead aprons with me trying to get him to keep one of those bite thingys in his mouth without him squirming long enough to get a decent X-ray. Plus I am getting really tired of the constant diaper rash and crummy attitude (Christopher's, not mine). Also tired of the horrified look I get from people when I tell them he is almost 16 months and doesn't have one tooth. And their rebuttal of "Oh I've heard it is better for their teeth if they stay in longer." Hmm I guess we'll see. I'll keep you posted.
(sorry if that came across as excessively whiny).

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