Monday, August 11, 2008

Are we home yet?

So you book a hotel room on a fairly well-known site, which you have used numerous times before. You expect to have a place to sleep that night. Then a computer malfunctions (somewhere in the hotel computer world), and your room is given to someone else. It makes you a little irritated that this has happened. Then apparently everyone in the world has descended upon Salt Lake City and there are NO VACANCYs in a 300 mile radius. (Seriously, this would be where I exaggerate, but there were no rooms.) We started heading north, thinking well, we'll hit the next town and there will be something. Nope. Conventions, 30th Anniversary PowWows, some type of Mormon thing... no rooms. Most of the hotels actually had little paper signs that said "NO VACANCY" taped to their doors. I left two separate hotels in tears. Harumph.

Enter into our situation: 4:24 a.m., Dennys, Jesse drinking half a pot of coffee (he doesn't drink coffee), I have downed a couple of Red Bulls, Colton doesn't even wake up when we carry him into Dennys and lay him down in a booth, and Christopher is so delirious that he goes back and forth from laughing to whining. We just couldn't keep our eyes opened. I thought it would be good to document with pictures...

Christopher... whine... giggle... whine... giggle.Colton... zzzzzzzzz
So what do you do? It was then, at Denny's, at 4:30, that we decided we couldn't drive anymore. We spotted a 24 hr WalMart, bought a couple of pillows and $5 blankets and slept in the car. Here is us when the sun came up...
Oh, Jesse, what a trooper
...sleeeeeeeeppp, precious, sleeeeeeeepp...
oh, yea, did I mention that we had the dog with us? Yeah, the kennel was full too.
Here's the boys, the next day,
waffles and is good.
Apparently it is like this all summer long.

I need to build a hotel with 1000 rooms in Salt Lake City.
I'd be rich.


Susie said...

Oh man. you guys are troopers!

Dani said...

After working at a hotel and realizing how many reservations are screwed up over the Internet my suggestion is to always call the hotel direct, get the confirmation e-mail to you, and call a few days ahead to check your reservation. I know this seems so hectic but it really has saved some real disasters from happening.

Our Happenin's said...

Oh my gosh! That is an insane trip! I am so glad you have a sense of humor:)