Friday, August 08, 2008


Welcome to the Tiki Village. Alicya is Luau Lily, I'm Fruity Fran and Marissa is Tiki Ty!So here are a few shots of Vacation Bible School from Parents Night, yesterday. I didn't really get that many since I wasn't feeling so well and I just forgot to go around to the other rooms to get good shots of them. Basically we turned the sanctuary into a pirate ship, along with our room (crafts) was a Tiki Village, Under the Sea (floor to ceiling blue tarps with fish all over), a deserted island, the top deck of a ship and then a shipwreck. The kids have had a great time and so have we!

Me with Gina Jellyfish (aka Annette Dea)Marissa and AlicyaSteve and Christel
The picture doesn't quite give a correct perspective on how big this ship is. The main mast is a telephone pole...
P.S. Yes the hat was homemade... a woven rug and a bunch of fruit from the $1 store, hot-glued together.
Yes it was pretty uncomfortable and heavy. I used maxi pads on the inside for padding.
Yes it was all worth it!


brent said...

You are so dang creative.

Susie said...

Gosh, you guys go all out- I bet the kids had a blast!!