Friday, November 07, 2008

Crispy crunchy leaves

I really love this time of year. Especially the crispy, crunchy leaves that you walk through. Christopher and I visited our friends that have a fabulous leaf-dropping tree. ( Our tree that usually produces a great pile of leaves didn't deliver this year. Possibly since the garage is gone there was nothing to keep them contained.)

This time of year, for those who have not forgotten there is a holiday between Halloween and Christmas, should not be brushed past without really enjoying what it has to offer. Crisp weather that lets you pull out all of your comfy, sweaters and sweats. The little bit of frost on windows that allows you to "finger paint" frosty smiley faces on the glass. The comfort food of this time of year; chicken and dumplings, chili, and yummy baked goods! I am just glad that we got a little bit of fall before the snow really starts to pile up! (Then you'll get to hear why I love the snow! :) )

Anyway, we had to stop by LB's and get some good fall pictures. Sometimes just the thought of scrapbooking a page can inspire an event (or the guilt that I feel like I had more time to do "simple" stuff with Colton). Whichever the case, we had a great time with our little friends. Here's the pictures:

Christopher and Benjamin

Benjamin with that I've-got-a-handful-of-leaves-
and-my-sister-is-behind-me kind of looks!

Leaves are NOT tasty

The clean-up crew

Baby Levi all bundled up


Ann said...

Okay your brain and my brain must be connected because I am just about to post some pics of my kiddos playing in the leaves. Isn't so fun how much they are entertained by them. And they make for great pics too!

hh and company said...

Great pics! My husband was way to quick at picking up the leaves this year...we didnt get any FUN PICS! Hey, I got your comment about doing CASA, cool. I had just heard of it...nice to talk to someone who knows what it is...most people have no clue! That is awesome! love the updates...have a great day!

Susie said...

When I lived in MT, I raked a pile of leaves for ME to jump in- Little did I know that I would fall straight through them- it kind of hurt, actually. The trees in our neighborhood aren't mature enough for tons of leaves to fall. Kind of a bummer- but it sure looks like your little ones had a blast!

Laura Beth said...

Great pictures!! We had fun that day, too :)