Friday, February 20, 2009

Catch up- MarioKart Tournament, Playdoh, Cupboard Fun and fun outside!

If you can't tell by the title, this is a very random blog, come along for the ride!

Jesse and Christopher were sick last Friday, so we had to start getting creative when we have an unplanned 4 day weekend! In my brilliance, I thought it would be fun to have a MarioKart tournament. Colton, of course, beat both of us for first place (and all the bragging rights), I was second and Jesse came in last! It was a great lesson in competition and good sportsmanship! PS I got the bracket at

Weeks (and weeks) ago I had realized that Christopher was getting close to the age of fingerpaints and playdoh, so I had bought some and put them on a shelf. So I pulled out the playdoh and we played with it for almost an hour, everyone had a lot of fun! And it was very quiet!

Intensly working on his sculpture

Colton with a blue Playdoh tongue

Colton had a "cubby" at this age and now (to keep him out of the pantry), Christopher gets one.

we captured a little bit of (fairly) warm temperatures and got outside for a little bit!


Mandi! said...

So much fun! Congrats on 2nd place- pretty impressive :)[I had to do the same thing with our cupboards with Zeke:)]

Jackie said...

Oh I miss you guys so much. I guess its about my turn to head to great falls huh??? I am glad you guys are doing well. How's the pregnancy going? Are you feeling well????