Thursday, February 12, 2009

Julie update- better than expected

From a rough reading of the scans, we have found out that it does not look like it is in the brain or liver (big sigh), but is mostly concentrated in her eye and lymph system. There are a few other small, questionable spots, but they will be addressed in more detail by the team of doctors tomorrow. At this point they even may be able to use radiation to save her eye, but that depends what they come up with tomorrow! More than likely this is a result of the previous melanoma that laid dormant for a while. Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers.


Rachel Melone said...

We will keep praying for her Cortney. Thank you Lord for a better report than thought! I pray for her every time I think of her!

Mandi! said...

Our prayers are so with you! And your mother. And now your son :( I'm so sorry it's all hitting you at once. Is your mom a believer? I can't imagine living let alone going through a rough patch without the help of our Father! May God give you many moments with Him & the strength that comes with it!