Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

I have to brag that I was very loved on Valentines Day! It all started with me ditching my family... er, I mean, Jesse taking Colton and Christopher on a "boys day" and I went to LB's to scrapbook for 7 hours!!! When they picked me up I was bombarded with love (and cards) that led to a "treasure hunt" for my Valentine gifts. (Set up by Colton) It was alot of fun to see how excited he was to surprise me! Jesse also got me The Love Dare book (all I asked for- I am very "into" being specific about what you want).

All of my "goodies"!

1st Clue: Anniversiry Castle (the flowers were on the
shelf next to our Disneyland Castle we got on our Honeymoon)

2nd Clue: "Christopher's" toy box
(the cake was in Christopher's toy box)
3rd Clue: "Colton and "Christopher's movie library"
(the chocolates were on the kids' video shelf)
-on a side note-I think he is learning quotation marks in school :)
Christopher was very excited about the cake
Christopher opening his V-day gift from us
(a puppy-love book, Gummi LifeSavers and M&Ms)

(oh, to explain his hair, that's what you get when you leave them
alone for 7 hours... and by them I really mean Jesse.) :)

Enjoying his Gummies...
(you think I would learn to do the
pictures before they get the candy)

"I get gifts on Valentines too!?!"

VERY excited about Sour Patch Kids.
(we don't get them often around here!)


Rachel Melone said...

How sweet! Looks like Jesse did a good job! I miss you, and our Burger King days... Let's do them again soon!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awesome Vday for all!! Thank you for explaining Christophers hair... I was a little concerned!! Blakes is like that most days...I save money not buying kids hair gel-his usually is held in place by syrup, jelly, or mac and cheese! ha! Connie