Monday, May 18, 2009

5 Sick days and a fat lip

So last week I realized that if I were to home school or live in an isolated country house or Alaska (where I couldn't get the kids out most of the year), I don't think that all of the children would survive. Tuesday and Wednesday were great, when they were all cuddly, relaxed and sick feeling. But by Thursday and Friday when they were medicated and feeling good. We all got a case of cabin fever and, seriously, it was nuts! I have found that I am NOT a homebody. I may go through seasons of reclusiveness, but mostly I like to get Out!!! Any way, by the time the weekend rolled in, I was so happy that we could get out of the house and not feel like I was contaminating anyone!
My two sickies
Puzzle time

Sunday Colton and Christopher were playing on the slide in the backyard and Colton slid right into Christopher. Colton's head hit Christopher right on the top of his mouth and the result is a big, fat lip. It swelled up instantly and it wasn't until we brought out the popsicle and bubbles, did the tears disappear.

Showing his fat lip (this was actually this morning,
so it has gone down significantly)
Side profile of the fat lip
"really, mom, do you think you have enough pictures?"
(his nose crusties are gone!!! Hallelujah! :) )

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