Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Quarantined-Warning Graphic Nose Crusties

Impetigo. I had heard of it. Knew it was something to be avoided. Didn't realize it would be so gross!
Christopher had a runny nose, slobbery, crabby and little red spots around his mouth. Teething, right? Wrong. The dr thinks that while his nose was runny, he probably was rubbing it and got a scratch, that's how this yuck started. The picture really doesn't show how truly gross this is!

From WebMD:

Impetigo is a bacterial skin infection that is caused by strep or staph bacteria. The infection often begins when bacteria that normally can be present on the skin enter a small cut or scratch.

Symptoms of impetigo include honey-colored, crusty, oozing blisters or sores, most often between the upper lip and nose. The blisters commonly occur after a cold. The sores can appear anywhere on the body. Scratching the blisters may spread impetigo to other parts of the body. Impetigo is more common in children than adults.

Impetigo is treated with antibiotics.

This is Christopher's first taste of antibiotics, so I paid the extra $2 to get it grape flavored. After 24 hours, his spirits are a little better and I finally got him to eat a little something (not sure if his throat is sore too).

PS Please pray protection from this for Emily, Noah, and Hannah, Benjamin and Levi (who we played with most of the day Saturday! (yup, I was the mom who had to sheepishly call the other parents to let them know I probably infected their kids!)

Also, John, Christi and Isaac, he's only contagious for 48 hours after antibiotics, so you don't have to be afraid to visit us this next weekend!!!

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