Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Still healing

After 2 days of oral antibiotics and Neosporin for the outside, Christopher is healing really well! There are still some red sores, but all of the yellow crusties are gone! He still squeals and runs when I come near him with a tissue, but he is back to his "old self" :) Here he is kicking back in the toy room watching Cars... a new favorite.

In other news my mom is also doing well as she adjusts to life back at home. They spend a lot of time getting the juices and food prepared, but they seem to be figuring out a pretty good routine. We believe that the tumors have been affected by this and we believe that she has had a healing response. This is a journey and we will continue to pray for her.

We are also *finally* getting to work on our basement! (pictures to come) After 2 years of working towards paying off debts, we are focusing our money back into our house and we should have a completely finished basement by the time Mr. #3 arrives!!!

***Update from earlier today***
Yesterday Colton woke up with a sore throat, headache and upset stomach. Didn't think much of it until I was on WebMD checking out Impetigo and found that it could be a strain of Strep. Joy! So took Colton into dr, strep test came up negative (sigh of relief), but still kept him home from school. This morning forced Colton to see if he "could make it til lunch time". Got a call at 9:30 that he was in the nurses office, so went and picked him up. Thought that he was "crying wolf" a little, but let him come home. Got a call at 3:30 this afternoon, his 24 strep test came up positive. Ugh. Oh well, now I won't have to worry about him getting Impetigo since both of them will be on antibiotics. Well off I go to wash linens and pillows in hot water and disinfect more toys!!!

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