Monday, December 14, 2009

12th day of Christmas

Ok, so I am hooked. And still have 15 minutes left of the 12th day before Christmas! So I will join this friend and this friend, as they take a photo a day leading up to the magical day when we celebrate Jesus' birth! So here ya go,

I am sure that you all have those moments, proud mother moments. You know, when you catch your child doing or saying something, totally out of the blue, that just makes your mommy heart glitter with pride...

This is not that moment.

Colton made his own version of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".

And had his entire class singing it.

He is a funny boy. Oh, son, you crack me up!


Summer said...

I sure do love that boy's creativity! It made me laugh this morning. :)

Oh...and I do have that wonderful coat! It is toasty warm...I had no idea (other than my poor ears and nose) that it was so cold yesterday. :D

Mandi! said...

he is soooo boy! (is this is warning to me of things to come??) =]