Saturday, December 05, 2009

Christmas Stroll and the "Polar Express"

Christmas Stroll

Waiting patiently for the parade to begin

Colton says that candy canes dipped in hot cocoa "tastes like Christmas"
I agree!

Carson trying to keep warm
Hurray for the parade!

Polar Express

The only evidence I was there. Pic taken by Colton.
Christopher mesmerized by the "elf"
reading the story of the Polar Express
Colton writing his letter to Santa and singing Christmas carols
Colton's letter to Santa
Christopher, Mrs. Claus with Carson, Colton, and Santa
Teddy and Mooey along for the ride!
Happy little elf!
(sorry it's blurry, you gotta catch em' quick!)


Anonymous said...

Neat pics! Coltons letter to Santa is kind of sad! Poor little guy tries so hard! :) Cute pic of Carson in the Santa suit! He looks like he has been drinking spiked eggnog! I cant wait to see you guys! Love ya~Connie

Cortney said...

I know, sad letter to Santa! Poor guy, though maybe he is playing the sympathy card and really knows how to work the system! :) He'll be surprised on Christmas morning!

Breanna said...

where did you go on the Polar Express? My kids would LOVE that! I'll have to remember for next year! Cute pics :)