Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas at the Carlson's

Our first Christmas gathering of the year! There will be at least 3-4 more. We had a really great time! A full turkey dinner with all the fixins', watched Night at the Museum 2 (a rare time when nobody had yet seen), presents, and then sledding. Or sledding Grandpa-style! There wasn't very much snow, so we thought that to get everyone bundled, loaded up and try to find a hill with enough snow... nope. Grandpa hitched the sled up to the ATV and voila! I stayed on board to keep Grandpa under "mom's speed limit"! And then hopped on board the sled. (A visit to the chiropractor is in my future!) It was a blast, the kids didn't want to stop, until we told them there was hot cocoa inside!!! Man, it was cold!

Obligatory pre-present picture
(Christopher is ready to dig into presents!)


You'll shoot your eye out! (with a marshmallow)

Christopher had to put his ornament on the tree, upside-down!

Colton with his ornament

What do you do when there aren't any hills? Sledding Grandpa-style!

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Carrie said...

Looks like you had a fun time!
GT just took Kacie out yesterday and pulled her around with the 4 wheeler too - she seemed to like that much better than sledding down the hills because she hates to walk back up the hill after sledding down it (remember those days). It wore her out completely though, which made for a relaxing Sunday because she couldn't say "I'm bored...she was too exhausted after the sledding and hot cocoa". :)

I was surprised to see we have quite a bit more snow than Montana...that's a first, but you can keep it - HA!