Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pics of the house

So I was scolded by my family for not keeping a proper update on my blog. I was waiting to take pictures when the house was somewhat presentable. Plus my camera was broken (by Christopher, again) and I was at the mercy of my cell phone camera. So anyway, I "opened" a Christmas present early so now you can look at decent pictures! Hurray!

Carson very happy that I have my new camera!
Hallway: see two posts earlier
Living room (the part that isn't too messy)
Kitchen while standing in the hallway

Kitchen: same place just a different angle to show the "window" into the dining room
View while sitting at the kitchen table.
So far we know 4 whitetail does, 2 foxes and numerous
squirrels, Cardinals, BlueJays, Woodpeckers, etc.
It's fun to sit down and watch out the window at all of the wildlife!
I didn't think that I would have that living in "the city"!


Anonymous said...

Yeah for updates and Yeah for early Christmas gifts (camera!) Thanks for the pics! :) Love ya! Connie

Rachel Melone said...

LOVE IT! It is so beautiful. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date with your world!!

Carrie said...

Beautiful Cortney ~ fun to watch you turn the house into your home (and I love the color you chose for the entry)! Your blog is often an escape for me so thanks for keeping it updated :)