Thursday, December 02, 2010


So we've got most of the living room and rec (dining) room set up, along with bedrooms and surprisingly still have a ton of boxes in the basement. Part of me wants to just take all of the unopened boxes to the thrift store and hope that there is nothing valuable in them. Though I know that this isn't what we'll do. It's tempting. (sigh) I am having a sluggish sort of day after walking Colton to the bus stop and then realizing in the mad dash out the door, I locked myself out of the house. Long story short, I paid a guy $75 (which was only 1/4 of what he was going to charge) to discover that our basement door was unlocked. Grump. So I am taking a "mommy time out" and blogging and playing on the internet during nap time. I may update our GPSs so it doesn't take us on dilly-wampus routes like it seems to be doing lately. It also took us to the middle of the woods when we tried to find a Krispy Kreme. Weird. Guess it was looking out for our waistlines :)

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Rachel Melone said...

I am reading Cortney!! I can't wait to see the pics of your house! Be blessed, I know you are doing great. :)