Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Ok, so yes, we are anticipating many things. Babies, birthdays and construction. But what am I anticipating today? My camera.
Ordered March 5th
shipped March 7th
UPS issues
Reshipped March 14th
Last known progress: Scanned for arrival in Hogdkins, IL March 16th
No departure scan.

It still has the status of Delivery On Time. Hmmm, why does this seem like an untrue statement.
I have received many things through UPS and have never had this problem. Normally I am not this adamant about receiving things, they get there when they get there. Except Colton's 5th birthday party is on Saturday. I have a feeling that Brooklyn, NY is going to get a nasty little phone call from Great Falls, MT today. They WILL be sending me my stuff overnight. They WILL be paying for the shipping. Hmmm... do you feel my intensity?!


amber joy said...

yes, I can. And they deserve it.

Susie said...

We were going through this exact same thing last week with our new camera- I was willing even to drive and pick it up at 10 o'clock at night. Cna you say, crazy? Glad you got youu new camera!