Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Interesting baby products

So on my quest to find a few useful baby items, I have come across a few ridiculous products that I felt the need to share with you!

1. The thudguard:
I understand that some children have medical needs for helmets, but this is geared toward your average child. Hmm, can I say overprotective?!

2. Hands free breast pumping system:
Are we really so busy that we can't take 15 minutes and use our hands to expel milk? Seriously!

3. Offensive Onsies:
What may be funny to one person, may not be to another. And though I don't worry about what other people think, to put cuss words on your baby's clothes is taking it a bit too far!

4. Pee Pee tee-pee:
Being a mother who has been peed on by an infant during a changing, I would think this is a great thing, but really, you probably get more use as a gag gift at a baby shower than actually using it!

5. The Tummy tub:
Designed for newborn to 3 years old, it is supposed to simulate the shape and comfort of the womb. Hmmm... it's a bucket.

6. Redneck Pacifiers:
You kind of have to laugh at this one! But pair it with a onsies cussing at you, and you'll have your baby on the road to Trailer Park City! Hee Hee 7. Baby toupee:
These are just too funny!

8. Men's breast feeding sling:
Hmm, after reading comments from another person that had this on a list of ridiculous baby items (and where I got some of mine), I just won't say too much, but I think it is weird. That is my own opinion.There are other ways to bond with your child!
9. The Zaky pillows:
Though they may be soothing to preemies, these are just a little creepy looking to me!!! And is this something you want your toddler to carry around with them when they get older?!


We are Jeff, Suzanne, Andrew and Aubrey said...

Wow! Too bad I didn't think of putting kids into buckets, I could have been rich!

Susie said...

this jsut made me giggle. Andy might like the faux nipple sling thing. ha.

Summer said...

Hehehehe...thanks for the laugh!

Katie Glathar said...

The things that people will spend their money on... need I say more?!!?

Dani said...

Definite laugh, thanks!

Connie said...

I got a good chuckle from your baby products list, however, being the new back-to-work-mom that I am... I have actually considered purchasing the hands free breast pump thing. Some of us are not (sniff) lucky enough to stay at home with our babies and have to spend our lunch break in an empty closet trying to brace the contraptions against us all the while eating a hamburger that is dripping ketchup all over! So please be a little more sensitive and remove this one from your "weido" list. Haha~just kidding. I actually thought it sounded crazy at one time, however, now it seems somewhat practical! Connie

Cortney said...

Funny! I will take it into consideration! :)