Monday, March 05, 2007

Tagged: 10 things about me

1. I have gotten the Oriental Trading Co. catalog for almost 2 years now, but I have never ordered anything from them. I like to look through it and think of cool party ideas.

2. I am such a tomboy. Proof:
-Participated in HS Wrestling
-Volunteered to be a AF Survival Instructor (pics soon, I promise)
-AF Heavy Equipment Operator (yes, I know how to operate a dump truck, grader, dozer, bobcat, Semi-truck, Snow plow, and various concrete and asphalt jobs)
-I love to do demolition and remodeling!
-I love to play video games (and not the girlie ones either)

3. I am such a girl. Proof:
-I love Interior Design and have an Assoc. Degree in it
-I love soaking in the tub (salt and oils, not bubbles) and painting my toes
-I am acquiring quite a little shoe collection (Thanks, Amber and Angela)
-Ever since Jesse taught me about the Brown Recluse and Black Widow that are rampant around our house, I jump at spiders (but funny that Jesse jumps farther and I'm the one that has to kill them!)

4. I love anything with cheese on it! Ymmm, brie, soon, very soon! (you're not supposed to eat soft cheeses during pregnancy)

5. A month ago I had an obsession with pickles and bought a ginormous jar at Sam's, got over it and the jar is still in the fridge, unopened. New obsession: Watermelon!(Not with cheese on it, hee hee)

6. I love to fly, though road trips are pretty fun too!

7. The older I get the less I care about what other people think.

8. I have an file devoted to cards that people send us. I just feel guilty throwing them away.

9. When we drive somewhere at night I like to look in people's houses that have their curtains open, to see how it is decorated inside! Plus what they're watching on tv!

10. Our idea of a date: Dinner (usually Tony Roma's), and walk around Home Depot or Sam's Club.

I tag Jackie and Rachel (maybe it will pull you out of your blog slump, Slacker, hee hee)


The Melones said...

your right, I am such a slacker! I guess I don't have anything exciting to write about??? I will honor your tag though and blog soon! Any park days in your future this week???

We are Jeff, Suzanne, Andrew and Aubrey said...

Two things,
1. I think "dirtgirlz" ROCK!!
2. That thing about the windows is funny! I have never admitted it, but I do that too!

We are Jeff, Suzanne, Andrew and Aubrey said...

Hey, you said you were looking for an event to take Colton to, got to and type in Harlem Globetrotters, they will be in town on March 31, tickets are a little pricy, but the show is good! Thought you might like to know, talk to you later, Suzanne

Susie said...

I like to peek into other people's homes, too- and there it is, more proof that we're all more alike than we'd like to admit.