Thursday, March 22, 2007

SST: My first Steve Maddens

So they are basically jazzed up slippers, but they are velvety and sparkly, so they count as sassy shoes!!! It will take me a while to work up to Angela's 3 inch heel Steve Madden's, but I am glad that he creates a variety of styles! Oh, and did I mention... $5.99 at Ross's, oh yeah!!!

P.S. Please ignore the weird sock indents on my ankles, I had just taken off my socks and they are getting slightly puffy these days!!!


amber joy said...

oh,wait, did you say Ross's. Does that mean it is open? woohoo. I will actually like shopping in GF now.

Angela said...

Seriously, HOW DID I MISS THIS POST??!!!?? I'm scrolling back through yours, and I find this. I must be BLIND! Yay for you and your SM's!!! Hey, heel or no heel they count all. the. way. This is a momentous occasion... even though it happened almost a month ago.

And does this seriously mean that Great Falls has a Ross now? Oh, the shopping mecca!