Thursday, November 05, 2009

Future Rockers!

So I have been wanting to get the boys' pics done for Christmas cards, before Colton's front teeth grew, etc... So I coerced my friend Ann to squeeze in a photo shoot among her already busy schedule and we found a day that wouldn't be too chilly (for Carson's sake)! This is supposed to be a surprise for Jesse and I am pretty sure he rarely checks my blog, but they just turned out too cute to not share! I really like the "rockstar" ones better than the "christmas" ones- not sure which I'll use for Christmas cards!

And, oh, Jesse, if you do see these, I am sending copies to you to stick on your fridge... and yes, I did let the kids play with your *expensive* guitar, but Ann can attest that we took good care of it! *wink

Click here to check out the rest!


Carrie said...

Cortney, I just love these train track/guitar photos...How cute with Carson in the case! Haven't seen the Christmas one's, but these are way too fun! Looks like the boys enjoyed getting to hold "dad's prized guitar"!

Angela said...

Oh, my. Oh, MY!!! These photos are amazing. When they have their own band in their teens they can use these as their album cover. =^)

Dani said...

Great pics Cortney!!! Your boys are growing so much. Miss you guys.