Monday, November 16, 2009

The Going-ons here

Just a quick note to update every one on what been happening with us. As a wise friend said the other day "Normal is just a setting on the dryer". Well our "normal" is chaotic most of the time, but it is settling down (and getting ready to rear back up with the holidays)! But it is a happy chaos and I am thankful that my life is not boring. I thrive in happy chaos. Mostly...

Any way here's the latest scoop:

Carson getting his first taste of real food. Really this was taken a week and a half ago and he has since graduated from rice cereal and mommy milk, to rice cereal/pear juice/water. He is taking to it like a champ and we are stocked with sweet potatoes, ready for his next jump in his lifelong adventure with food! I may save the sweet potatoes for his first Thanksgiving! Yummy!

Here is Christopher, proudly holding his stamp/sticker creation-ready to send to daddy.

We have been hit with an ugly, sneezy, head-cold, congested-nose-thing and have kept low this past week. (thankfully only 1 day-mild temps) Upping our vitamin intake, keeping snuggled under fluffy blankets, and the required amount of movie watching... I think we've seen the worst of it. (Still thankful and praying against any exposure to the swine flu)

With each child, we have seen strong resemblances to certain family members. With Christopher we always caught glimpses Connie or Grandma Althea. I totally see Aunt Carrie in little Carson.

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