Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween Pics

Thought I better post these before it becomes old news!
So Colton was anxiously awaiting Christopher to wake up so they can get into their costumes and hit 3 parties and trick or treat (we only made it to 2 parties and no trick or treating). He goes to get into his Bumblebee costume (lovingly purchased 2 months ago by Gma and Gpa) and it has just gotten so small that when he bends over gives him Major Wedgie! It took all of my strength not to laugh amongst his tears! He dug through the dress up box and came up with a ninja costume, so that was better. In comes Christopher that has had NO desire up until this point to dress up (I got him in it the night we did pumpkins, but only for about 2 minutes). So he was also in tears- see picture below. At this point I was ready to take off all costumes, put children in bed and watch a movie! We got to the parties and everyone had a great time!

Carson and Christopher ready for story time at the library. (Friday)


TORTURE getting this child into his costume! I had to bribe him with candy
(even after I told him people will give him candy when he is in his costume!)

Much happier Woody after candy and jumping in the bouncer!

Colton striking a ninja pose!

Cake he won at the Fall Fam-tastic at our church.
He is totally going to be one of those people that wins stuff.
(side note- Right after he turned 2, he won a Goofy toy out of one of those Claw games! I have Never won anything out of those!)
Prof. pictures taken at the church party
(I took a picture of the picture, so they look a little off)
(really wanting to go back in the jumper)
(Colton missing most of costume and facepainted-
note to self take pics first, then play!)

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