Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time Audit

So with the holidays coming up, and just starting to get into the swing of things, I have decided to give myself a "time audit". I am trying to train my unorganized, unfocused, easily-distracted brain into a time concious, productive, efficient self. One thing that I have noticed with 3 kids, is that I can't really fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants anymore. Planning is good. It takes work and organization, but things run so much smoother and my focus is where it needs to be (like not on blogging when I should be figuring out preschool ideas). Anyway, I am going to intentionally look at my normal days and see where I can take time to
-focus on Christopher (preschool and crafts)
-focus on Colton (homework and before bed reading)
-focus on Carson (he really won't let me ignore him!)
-focus on me (quiet time with God, Scrapbooking, Quilt)

So hopefully I can get this all together!

Where there is no vision; people cast off restraint... (and waste time on the internet!) Proverbs 29:18


Katie Glathar said...

God Bless you!

Rachel Melone said...

pretty sure the verse you just posted is the verse of my LIFE! i am off to organize my horrific office now due to your inspiration.