Monday, January 29, 2007

For Shelby Dawn

Ok, with my crazy weekend I didn't catch when Jackie did her Ode to Shelby , sorry Shelbs! So here is the silliest, sweetest little mother hen that we have had the pleasure in knowing! I always knew from the moment that she would get home from school, Colton would receive about 5,000 hugs and kisses from her! She always watched out for him! I miss her now that she is so far away and am excited to see how she becomes a great woman for God! She is how I imagine Jackie was as a little girl! As Jackie would say "Sassy-fras"!

P.S. Frank and Jackie you make great kids, what did ya have to stop for!!! Hee Hee!


Summer said...

She is soooooo cute! I miss them and their girls.

Jackie said...

ooohhh How sweet! Believe it or not I was pretty quiet and meek at her age! It wasn't until I mentally broke from my brother torturing me that I turned into the witty little sas that I am now! TEE HEE