Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Confessions

1. For breakfast I had Colton's leftover Fuddruckers mac and cheese... um, with nacho Doritos crunched into it. (Hey I take my vitamins!)
2. Last night at the gym I got caught up in the Divine Design tv show and now my lower back, hips and rear end are killing me from being on the treadmill too long!
3. Colton just informed me that his stomach hurts. Ug! A weekend of the diarrhea flu that is going around is not going to work into my plans. (Though I do like it when we just snuggle on the couch and watch movies!)
4. Jesse and I stayed in bed until 8:15 a.m. ...Kids show up at 8:30! hee hee
5. As a result of #4, I skipped the shower today and went with a commando deodorant shower! (Hey, in my defense, I had to soak in the tub last night due to #2, so I'm not totally stinky!)
6. I miss my Christmas decorations.
7. Almost more than presents, I love getting "picture" Christmas cards in the mail because I just enjoy looking at the fridge and seeing all the great friends we have. I said, almost!
8. I desperately want to go to Disneyland again! (We went for our honeymoon and are going again in 2010)
9. This week the preschool letter of the week is M. Today we are learning about monkeys. My motivation... I get to make monkey bread for snack time!
10. I love watching Little Einsteins with Colton and am looking forward to the new episodes this weekend!

Well now you know my little confessions for the week, hope it wasn't too shocking! If you know me than I doubt they were! Hope you all have a great weekend, please pray that Colton doesn't start barfing all over the place!!!


The Melones said...

I love the fact that I am not the only one who eats dinner left overs for breakfast. For example, I ate my left over almond crusted chicken and mashed potatoes for breakfast a couple of days ago. Yum!!!
Also, I give you major props for doing the treadmill!!! I'm not even pregnant and I can't motivate myself to do it!!!

amber joy said...

I can't bring myself to eat non-breakfast food for breakfast, ever!

Laura Beth said...

Three cheers for monkey bread!