Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Toys, tissues, bedtime and babies

Toys: Besides all the new stuff he got from Christmas, Colton is discovering all of his old toys that he hasn't seen in over a month. And, may I add, takes twice as long to clean up!

Tissues: Since we've been back, I had to go to Sam's Club to get a massive supply of tissues to strategically place throughout the house to deal with constantly running noses. We picked up some of those Shower Soother things (tablets that dissolve in your shower to help with congestion), I'll let you know if they work or just a gimick that smells good!

Bedtime: So bedtime for Colton is always a struggle, but now I've got some leverage. He really wanted a HotWheels bike for Christmas, but I was not about to lug a bike all the way to Iowa/Kansas/SouthDakota and all the way back. So for every night that he stays in his bed he will get money towards his bike.
Glimpse into our world: (after 10 minutes of similar dialog, we finally get to this)
me: Colton go to bed.
Colton: but I need you mom
me: Go To Bed, Head On Your Pillow, Now
Colton: I dropped (insert various stuffed animal here) I need you to get him, or he will cry
(quiet for 2 minutes)
Colton: Well fine mom, but God made us special and he loves us very much! (VeggieTales influence?)

Babies: So my sister is hours/days from having my nephew Blake Douglas Magnusson and I am soooooooooooo excited. Without getting into details, her body is making its final preparations for his arrival and I am just waiting by the phone with anticipation! No exciting news about our little guy, except that he moving like crazy and I can't eat enough Tums. Didn't have the acid problem with Colton, we'll see if the hair myth is true (They say that a baby that has a bunch of hair will give you heart burn).

So I really dislike this picture that was taken the day before we were leaving, without makeup, hair done or thought of wearing a semi-cute outfit. But it is what it is and the only one of us together with our baby bellies.


amber joy said...

I love the picture, how much fun that you are pregnant with you sister, even for a little bit.

Susie said...

Pictures of sisters have been making me smile a lot lately. Especially pregnant ones :)

Summer said...

I can't wait to see you in person!!! I want to see and touch the belly. Speaking of that...don't you get tired of people touching your belly?

Dani said...

The shower soothers worked well for me, but unfortunately the relief was a little shorter lived than I would have prefered...better luck for you! Sorry to hear that they won't let you go ice skating, I had so much fun getting out there again.

Laura Beth said...

I'll let you know about the hair kid myth, too. I've had such terrible indigestion with Benjamin! Three more weeks, three more weeks...