Friday, May 12, 2006

Flashback Friday-Tribute to the hard working hubbies

As I was looking for a photo for flashback friday, I came across some photos from demolition for the new Gen Center and found some pics that you might recognize. (Really I don't have many old photos...I have to find a scanner.) I don't remember exactly when I took these, but it was really cold that day and it was when LB and Jeremy were still here and Dan & Amber were here! Anyway, here's to those hard workin' hubbies!






Amber Joy said...

that is so cool. i seriously don't even remember that happening. I don't remember a lot now a days, though.

Laura Beth said...

Oh my. That is SUCH a Jeremy Rhodes face! How fun!

I wish that someone would email me some pictures of the GenCenter! I keep asking for them but no one ever seems to have you??