Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Our Spokane Trip

Well due to the weather, we never got a chance to go camping, but we definetly got plenty of shopping, gorged ourselves on food that we don't get in GF, had a lot of fun checking out the sights in Spokane, and stayed up too late playing board games and laughing. Here are some of the pictures from our very-much-needed trip! Love you and miss you already Frank, Jackie, Shelby, Shae and Rupert(dog)!!!! I will have to do this in two separate blogs, since you can only upload 5 pics (or my computer is just goofy!)


Summer said...

SO FUN!!!!! Love the Krispy Kreme pic with all the girls...classic Jackie and Cortney pic! And I can see that Shelby and Shae have picked up on their mom's spunk! Gotta love them! Glad you had fun and got to experience what we seem to lack here in Great Falls. Can't wait for my cali trip...finally a real mall once again...and family who spends money on me! :)

Jackie said...

Email me your pictures from Spokane okay?! I miss you already:(
Love, J