Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Not much going on!

So I'm really trying to discipline myself to put up a new post before I check everyone else's. Because I feel guilty when I am disappointed that nobody else posted anything new, but neither have I, so...
I really don't have any new pictures or anything significant to write about. My quilt for Colton got put away a week ago because we had people over for a couple of nights in a row and I really didn't have the time to indulge it, but now it is back on my table waiting for me to put it together. I have a goody package all ready to send to Colton except that I want to do a video of me and Jesse reading books and send the books in the package (except for a few keepsake books that I don't want lost). But the one time I had it all set up to tape (day before Mother's Day) I started to get all emotional and I didn't want to start crying in the middle of a story! I am laughing at myself right now, so it's OK if you are too! But I just need to do it. I know he will really like it. He likes it when I read him stories over the phone, so this is even better! This is a great thing for bonding across the miles (hint: Amber you can have your mom and family do this for Judah) and whenever he is lonely for mom and Jesse, his dad can pop in the dvd and get his fix! So that is my little project. I just have to get it done and send to him!!! Seven more weeks!!!
Here's a funny picture just in case you forgot what a goofball he is!!! I am told that he was very excited when he realized he could see underwater!


Amber Joy said...

That is a great idea! We send them videos, but they need to send us some! Great idea!

Angela said...

My parents sent the kids bible books years ago and taped themselves reading the stories in them. They even dinged a spoon on a glass so the kids would know when it was time to turn the page. This was seven years ago, and the tapes STILL get played and loved.

Just another idea.

(By the way, you are a very strong mother to be able to do what you do. I am praying for your encouragement and wisdom. I can't imagine going through that every summer.)

Cortney said...

Thankyou Angela, it's tough, but I know Colton's in good hands! (God's)