Friday, June 23, 2006

Adrenaline Kid

Ok, so a week or two ago Jackie had a blog about sometimes the dad is as bad as the kids. Well, I can definitely relate to her! Don't get me wrong, Colton has a super dad that loves him dearly, but when I opened this email, I instantly felt nauseaus (sp?). Here is Colton, my dear baby boy of barely 4 years of age, rafting down the Marias river in Colorado (with Class 3 rapids-I don't know what that means, but it sounds dangerous to a mom 963 miles away!). These pictures frighten me, not only because I would be scared, but also because I still think of him of my baby boy. Just to let you all know that I secretly contacted the rafting company and their minimum age is 4. And obviously he survived this taste of adrenaline, so I guess I need to chill a little bit and let him have his adventures (And pray a lot!). I am very excited to get him back the weekend after the 4th of July!!! Two more weeks, the countdown has begun!!!

I pray that the pictures make it look more intense than it really was!


The Melones said...

oh my lord, i would have a heart attack-no doubt about it. But he's got tons and tons of angels keeping him safe! Praise God!

Jackie said...

Holy cow NICK!!!! I guess he must have had fun. My girls would have been scared to death!

Angela said...

That's awesome! My boys would be nervous, but also love every minute of it. He looks so calm!

Have you read Wild at Heart yet? It really helped me come to an understanding of why my boys NEED to do risky things and sometimes get hurt... but hopefully not killed.