Friday, June 09, 2006

Thursday sassy shoes on Friday-due to tech. difficulties

So these are my hot, hot shoes I will be sporting all weekend. Jesse and I decided it was time to get new furniture, and so the paint that is currently on the walls (deep wine red-that I love), does not go with the furniture or the look at all. So the joy of new furniture comes with the price of losing my favorite room. But I will share with you "the plan" of the new room, which needs to be painted by Monday because I will be leaving at 6:00 am on Tuesday (see previous post) and the furniture could be arriving sometime when I am gone. I know I could leave this task to Jesse and just return to a completely finished room, but I would not do that to him! Bye, bye my beautiful red, Hello neutral beige and brown. Oh well, it will probably be more appealing if we decide to rent or move. (Not that we have any plans now, we just want to be ready when God wants us to move-hopefully soon!) So here are our ideas, tell me what you think:
PS-if we hate the dark brown below the chair rail, we are just going to paint it beige. And as a person that has a paper that says I am an Interior Designer, this is very hard for me! Also the picture below is one that I snapped while we were moving stuff out so it normally does not look like this!


Jackie said...

All that work and now your changing it? Sounds like what we did to our bathroom when we changed the linoleum! YUCK! Is Jesse in the mood for spending? I can't believe he's giving up the big screen for furniture.

Fingerpaint Queen said...

Ha Ha! Except that we have a pretty nice tv, the furniture we have is sending me to the doctor!

Jackie said...

If I see these shoes one more day I am going to kick your buns Cortney Rae!!!! Your home from vacation now, get it together!! Thanks for the comment on my site. I am sorry you had to leave your sisters :( That sucks huh? Did you have a good visit? Call me!