Thursday, January 10, 2008

3000 miles

We drove over 3000 miles on our trip.

The equivalent of driving from Seattle to Miami.

One hour from home we got a flat tire.

At 1:00 am and nothing was open.

The dog almost got run over on the interstate.

At one point both children were screaming, the wet dog was sitting on Colton and we were laughing hysterically at the situation. I grabbed my camera.

Here are the pictures:

This looks like one of those pictures you are supposed to find stuff in.
Can you find 1 dog, 2 children, ton
Jesse working on the tire.
At this point we were just delirious!
Please people... save me from my parents and get me outta this car!


Amber Joy said...

glad to finally know where you are.

Jackie said...

finally your back!

Jackie said...

Blog slacker blog slacker where art thou blog slacker????? I am in Idaho waiting.......Love, your long lost serrogate sister!