Thursday, January 10, 2008

Over the river and through the woods...

...and through the mountains, and across the desert, and by the ocean, and through the redwoods...
do you get the point?

Christmas with the Atchleys was great! We had a great time and the weather was surprisingly pleasant almost the whole time we were there! (We refer to rainy days here as "a Humboldt day") Here are some highlight pictures and if you wish to see the extended collection (i.e. mass amounts of pictures of our vacation) check out the link on the left.

Christopher in his "candy cane" pants and "baby's first christmas" shirt
Grandma Linda with Christopher on his new rocking horse.
The crew stopping for fish & chips and Chowdah at an Irish pub
A pelican trying to get into Target
Hike up the Trinidad Head
(minus Jesse, he was feeling poopy... literally! sorry too much info)

Jesse with his brother Erik, do they ever grow up ...didn't think so.
Had to stop in Reno on the way! Circus Circus was a blast!
Great Grandma Althea, Jesse and Christopher

Christopher giving Grandpa Jim snuggles.
Um, what is a New Years and why am I supposed to be happy about it?
This is my favorite Christmas picture. His bright eyes looking at the light of the tree.
(right before he stuck one in his mouth)

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